Optimus Stove Crux

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The Optimus `Crux´ is the ultimate cooker for weight watchers. It combines minimum weight with minimum pack size and excellent heating performance.

Thanks to the unique folding burner, the dismounted `Crux´ fits into the hollow base of the gas cartridge for space saving carriage. Average burning time up to 60 mins. at full performance (with 220 g gas cartridge). Average boiling time for 1 L water approx. 3 mins. depending on climate or altitude etc. Perfectly protected in its Neoprene pouch.


  • burn time with 220g gas cartridge
  • for the use with valve gas cartridge
  • Performance 3000 W
  • Combustion period 1 Std.
  • Weight 83 g
  • 8,4 x 5,7 x 3,1 cm