Vargo Alcohol stove Triad Titan

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  • rel050010
Made from ultra-light, high grade titanium, the Vargo `Triad´ provides the minimalists with a new record.

The feet and pot stand fold out providing adequate support for a small pan. The feet can be simply pushed in to soft ground. Burns for about 20 minutes on a filling of spirits. Remaining fuel can be put back in a bottle with the pot crown used as a funnel. If the cooker is turned upside down you can cook with an esbit cube or with fuel paste (520100). Cunning details and a real outdoor cooker. Takes up no room in the pack and always ready for fresh coffee or hot water for dried meals - regardless of where.


  • Weight 26 g
  • Pack size 6 x 2,7 cm
  • 8,5 cm pot rest