Skross Adapter

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The SKROSS Country adapter is the ideal solution for all travelers who prefer a particular country and for hotels.

Additionally, it is perfect for conference organizers who would like to offer their international guests the possibility to connect their devices. With the Country adapter it is possible to use devices with 2- and 3-pole plugs from more than 150 countries. Also powerful devices with 2-pol Europlug such as laptops and hairdryers can be connected easily and safely.


  • Max 10 A
  • Weight 44 g
  • 58 x 58 x 54 mm
  • For grounded and ungrounded devices (2- and 3-pole)
  • Output (3-pole) Australia, China
  • Entrance Switzerland, Italy, UK, USA, Europe (2-pole Euro plug)
  • Plug type I (AS 3112)
  • Input voltage 220 V (power 2.200 W) to 240 V (power 2.400 W)