Basic Nature Liquidsoap concentrate

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This soap concentrate for to-go is mild and effective.

Suitable for the head and body, for fresh and salt water and in emergencies - can also be used as a dishwashing detergent or laundry detergent. When it comes to the manufacture and selection of ingredients, the focus is on environmental compatibility. The amount plays a major role: the soap is 20-fold concentrated and the user can greatly increase the ecological component by adding a small amount. The foam formation of a conventional soap is not achieved, as the ingredients required for this would reduce the environmental impact. However, the soap should also clean and meet the expectations of a soap. Therefore the soap achieves 'only' 99% degradability because z. B. the complexing agent against hard water (1%) is practically not degradable. This soap is completely solvent-free and the surfactants used are easily degradable.