Relags Mini Hand Towel

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  • rel920490
So small, packed in the bag it fits in the palm of the hand.

Ultrafine microfibers make it very absorbent, fast-drying, antibacterial, ultralight and stable. After quick drying, simply compress the towel and in no time, it is dry again and ready for use. Ideal for mountain or bike tours, trekking or for any kind of travel. The towel is attached to the bag with a clip. It can be used easily for drying without getting lost. For washing and drying it can be removed. Accessory karabiner is included (not for personal security!).


  • Polyester 80 %
  • Polyamide 20 %
  • Dimensions L 40 W 40 cm
  • Weight 20 g
  • Weight incl. mesh bag
  • Washable at 30 °C
  • Pack size 7 x 5 x 5 cm