Laguiole pocket knife Classic

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Lauiole pocket knives fulfill the highest of standards in every aspect.

The blade is 440 steel, also known as surgical steel which combines the advantages of chromium (rust protection) and carbon (for a fine edge). Laguiole knives are sharp and keep their edge for months at a time. The two solid stainless steel crowns enhance both stability and appearace. The buffalo horn grip is more or less grained with grey and/or brown veins. Olive wood strong graining is a classic. As well available with ashwood. Every knife is unique. This model has an inlaid pastoral cross as ornament as well as the typical Laguiole Bee engraved on the spine.


  • Steel 440 (surgical steel)
  • Blade length 9,3 cm
  • Dimensions L 20,2 cm
  • Weight 81 g
  • Length closed 11 cm
Laguiole Olivenholz Robert David Laguiole
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