SOG PowerLock Tool

SOG PowerLock Tool
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SOG - one of the biggest manufacturer of multi-tools in the USA - has managed to double automatically the applied power, e.g.

for cutting cable wire, thanks to its patented gear driven Compound Leverage mecanisms. The construction of this tool allows a one-handed flip opening without limiting the stability and has a multitude of easy to access tools that are protected by a special cover. The rounded cover also serves as comfort grip. The staggered, double rowed teeth of the saw and the special design of the file are a guarantee for fast and safe operation.


  • Sharpening pliers, wire cutter, smooth blade, serrated blade
  • Can opener, bottle opener, holder for bit insert
  • Phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, 3 sizes
  • Awl, saw with double toothing, file 3 sides, scissors
  • Comfort handle, case
  • Stainless steel
  • Dimensions L 11,7 cm
  • Weight 272 g
  • Length open 17,8 cm