SOG Fari

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  • rel762021
Machetes are probably the most used tools worldwide.

They are used for thinning out the bush, lining paths, making wood, building houses, harvesting fruits, preparing meals, for hunting and protecting. Regarding the 'SogFar' machetes, special attention was paid on reasonable weight and especially comfortable Kraton handle. The upper part of the blade is buildt for using it as saw and the end is especially prepared for hammering and scratching. The holes in the handle are perfect for looping a holding band through. Comes with nylon sheath, black powder-coated.


  • Blade made of high carbon steel 46 °RC with saw back
  • Blade thickness 0.2 cm
  • Total length 48,1 cm
  • Blade length 32,7 cm
  • Weight 369 g