Campingaz Pierceable gas cartridge C 206 GLS

Campingaz Stechgaskartusche C 206 GLS 190 g
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  • rel167206
Injection cartridge with 80/20 butane/propane gas mixture.

Now with new gas lock system (GLS) accordingly to the new European standard EN417:2012: the cartridge is largely sealed inside when it is accidentally removed from the device. Please note: this is no changeable cartridge with screw mechanism. Once removed, it can't be used anymore. Only remove it when the cartridge is completely empty.


  • Pierceable Cartridges
  • Filling weigth 190 g
  • Butane 80 %, propane 20 %
  • Ø 9 x 9 cm
  • Extremely flammable gas
  • Contains gas under pressure, may explode if warmed up