Primus Winter Gas self-sealing cartridge

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Liquid gas evaporates worse if the temperatures are getting colder. Primus 'Winter Gas' is the solution and improves the performance down to - 22 °C.

After 60 minutes of cooking time a cartridge of 'Winter Gas' supplies about 9% more power then a common cartridge. After 120 minutes the performance advantage climbs up to 15 %. This is achieved with the built in Vapour Mesh. A simple but effective invention inside the gas cartridge: Vapour Mesh consists of an absorbent paper and increases the surface for the evaporation. Thus the gas can change its state of aggregation more fast from liquid to gas.


  • Valve Cartridge
  • Filling weigth 230 g
  • Butane, propane
  • Ø 10.8 x 8.5 cm, 390 g
  • Extremely flammable gas
  • Contains gas under pressure, may explode if warmed up