Relags Safety fuel paste, can

Relags Sicherheits Brennpaste, Dose 200 g
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  • rel520100
Gelled methylated spirit (ethanol base). Burns completely residue-free, odourless and soot-free.

The paste is non-explosive, non-toxic, easy and safe to handle. Also fits into the various Chafing Dish holders. Ideal for lighting fires or preheating stoves and lamps. Short strips of ignition paste on petrol or petroleum stoves facilitate the ignition process. Also suitable as a little stove (for example under foldable grill 052400 or in a hobostove) or an ignition aid for firewood.


  • Ethanol base
  • Burning time approx. 3 h 20 min
  • Filling quantity 200 g
  • H 54 x Ø 85 mm, weight 240 g