Coleman Airbed Comfort

Coleman Luftbett Comfort single
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Coleman 'Comfort' beds are comfortable comfortable and hard wearing air mattresses, suitable for family tents, guest beds, travelling beds and lying around in the garden!

They have a cunning Airtight system which allows easy, quick inflation and guarantees airtightness. The 'Double'-Version has 2 chambers which enhances both comfort and a quiet night - when you bounce your partner doesn't! Operational in minutes with the Quick Pump (Single approx. 1 min., double approx. 2 min.).


  • Dimensions L 188 W 82 H 22 cm
  • Weight 2.300 g
  • Load 148 kg
  • 24 footbridges
  • Lying surface 0,6 mm velour
  • Bottom and sides PVC 0,4 mm smooth