Relags Tooth first-aid-kit

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  • rel240500
Extensive dental emergency kit for your travel. Intended for first aid in emergencies when no doctor is available.

Therefore, the ideal equipment for expeditions and trips abroad. With this set you can reinsert crowns and bridges that have fallen out, stop bleeding, replace fillings, treat hypersensitive and/or carious teeth, store broken teeth for reinstatement (with the new toothsavngbox up to 24 h). This set does not replace the dentist but helps you to master and to bridge the most unpleasant consequences of a dental accident.


  • 18,5 x 13 x 1,5 cm, 250 g
  • 7 g filling material Cavit, CE proofed
  • PZN 7762612
  • TEMPBOND Fixingmaterial
  • UltraEZ Fluorid
  • Sstomatoscope, in sterile packaging
  • Spatula, mirror, cotton rolls, tweezers, sonde
  • Toothsavingbox