Basic Nature Gold/Silver Emergency Blanket

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  • rel600100
Rescue blanket with gold and silver layer. Complies with DIN regulation. Should not be missing from any car, hiking or travel luggage.

To supplement your first aid equipment. Super small and extremely light. To keep warm, please turn the silver side towards the person and wrap him/her completely in the emergency blanket (leave face free!). Do not wrap too tightly. The rescue blanket warms only by reflecting the body's heat radiation. The emergency blanket should close tightly and not flap. In ice and snow, the gold-coloured side of the blanket is clearly visible and is usually understood as a call for help. To protect against overheating, the emergency blanket can be stretched out as a sunshade but the person should not be wrapped up. Silver to the sun gives 99 %, gold to the sun gives 97 % IR protection.


  • Dimensions L 210 W 160 cm
  • Weight 55 g
  • M-PET, metallized, thickness 12 µm
  • Pack size 11 x 8 x 1,2 cm