Basic Nature Pocket hammock

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  • rel051900
Small and simple hammock with safety weave: woven through to the suspension ring.

Due to its dimensions, it is generally not suitable for overnight use. Due to the low price and the small packing size it is a highly desired hammock for all possible and impossible applications. As a garden hammock, as a hammock for a short siesta, as a luggage net, and even a fish is said to have been caught with it (sailor's yarn?). We have this hammock in the special length of 220 cm with special weaving made especially for us. ATTENTION: Hammocks are NOT children's toys. Never leave children alone in a hammock!


  • Pack size 13 x 8 x 8 cm
  • Nylon
  • Lying-area L 220 W 80 cm
  • Load capacity 80 kg
  • Weight 250 g
  • Length 2,2 m