Mountain Equipment Iceline

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 -30°C / -30°C / -30
 185 cm
 1650 g
 30 x 27 cm
Whether on K2 or Denali the Iceline is the ultimate in extreme mountaineering performance for the coldest of conditions.

For use in extreme conditions below -18°C / 0°F, these bags are outside the scope of the EN13537 test. Please refer to Mountain Equipments Good Night’s Sleep Guarantee rating.

Engineered to withstand extreme cold in the most hostile environments on earth. With durably rain-resistant fabrics and construction optimised to maximise and maintain warmth for extended periods these bags are built specifically for the needs of explorers and mountaineers undertaking the most committing journeys in the highest, coldest and most remote locations.

Vertically aligned V-baffles on the chest and foot piece, 14:7cm Trapezoid baffles throughout all other parts of the bag, a 6 baffle foot piece and a 7 baffle hood results in minimal down migration and maximum possible warmth in all situations.

A lower density V-block side baffle maximises thermal resistance by preventing the migration of down away from the top of the bag, but it is kept as light as possible to reflect the reduced heat losses which occur at the sides of a bag. The use of ground level side-seams helps concentrate 50% of the bag’s down volume in the top, with approximately 30% in the bottom of the bag. Despite these differences in percentage fills, the densities of down are greater in the bottom of the bag, hood, undersides of the bag, and the foot piece, to reduce moisture and down migration.

  • GORE® THERMIUM™ 10D outer shell is durably light, highly breathable and rain-resistant
  • 994g of 90-10 Russian Goose Down with a minimum fill power of 800
  • Expedition fit with EXL® system is both roomier and has improved loft and thermal efficiency
  • V chest and foot baffles & Trapezoid main body baffles
  • Ground level side seams with V-side baffle
  • 7 baffle low volume anatomically shaped hood
  • 6 baffle anatomically shaped offset foot-box
  • Full length Gemini™ zip baffle and integrated neck collar with Lode Lock™ closure
  • GORE® THERMIUM™ 10D inner foot-box and hood lining
  • Inner pocket for keeping essentials warm and dry
  • Supplied with waterproof roll-top stuff-sack and storage cube


  • Color: Marmalade
  • Zipper: Left only
  • Form: Mummy


  • Recommended Body Length: 185 cm
  • Width (Shoulder): 80 cm
  • Width (Foot): 50 cm

Temperature Range

  • Comfort: -30°C
  • Limit: -30°C
  • Extreme/Survival: -30°C
  • Maximum: -30°C

Weight / Pack size

  • Weight: 1650 g
  • Pack size (L x Ø): 30 x 27 cm


  • Weight: 994 g
  • Type: Down
  • Material: Goose down
  • CuIn: 800 cuin


  • Outer shell: GORE® THERMIUM™ - 10D Nylon
  • Inner liner: Ultrasoft™ 20 - 20D Nylon; GORE® THERMIUM™ - 10D N
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