Esbit Cookset with alcohol burner (pots without non-stick coating)

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  • CS2350WN
Especially efficient, large and yet compact: these are the benefits of the comprehensive cookset, which includes numerous accessories.

The heat exchanger stands for efficiency, enabling meals to be cooked much faster and using less energy. 1.8L as well as 2.35L: The size of the pots in the set shows that this cookset is ideal for accompanied tours, where cooking that bit more is a good idea.

  • Highly efficient due to heat exchanger
  • 1. Considerably faster cooking than without heat exchanger
  • 2. Heat exchanger enables larger volumes to be heated by burner charge
  • 3. Less energy/alcohol consumption
  • Small pack size despite large pot capacities (about 1.8L / 2.35L)
  • Made of extremely light, hard anodised aluminum
  • Includes lid, pot cloth and various other accessories
  • Flame regulator of the burner with fold-away handle for convenient killing / control of the flame
  • Including kettle stand – additional stability when used in connection with the frying pan.
  • Set stackable into each other
  • Pots with capacity indicator in litre / oz
  • With convenient meshbag
  • Frying pan with multilayer non-stick coating
  • BPA-free


  • Weight 1.075 g
  • Pack size 20,2 x 12,8 cm
  • 1,8 and 2,35 L
  • Netpouch included
  • Do not use for preparation of basic, acid or salt-containing foodstuffs. Aluminum reacts with acids or salty food and can be absorbed by the body