Skross Adapter World Travel with USB Charger

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  • rel101315
Provides, in addition to all the `normal´ plug adapter attributes, a charging unit with a USB outlet.

The 4 pull-out plugs can make contact in over 150 countries. Input and output(!) are suitable for EU, USA, UK and AUS. The output side accepts the USB charging unit. This, in turn, solves recharging problems for many electronic instruments - precluding the need for a separate charging unit. Practical and handy but not suitable for `Schuko´ plugs.


  • 2,5 A
  • 110 V up to max. 650 W
  • 230 V up to max. 1300 W
  • 1 x USB 5 V, 1000 mA, 1 x USB 5 V, 500 mA
  • 64 x 55 x 69 mm, ca. 145 g
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