Hilleberg Mesh Box 10

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Spacious, lightweight versatile bug protection for warm weather adventures.

For those who prefer summer camping with a Tarp, and for trekkers in tropical and sub-tropical areas, a major issue is always the bugs. Our new Mesh Box and Mesh Ridge shelters provide the solution.

The Mesh Ridge is a superb minimalist’s summer tarp camping solution. Designed to be paired with our Tarp 10, it is remarkably lightweight, offers plenty of floor space for one or two occupants plus gear, and has full sitting height at its peak.

Also constructed to fit perfectly with our Tarp 10, the Mesh Box 10 affords a bit more comfort with little extra added weight. It, too, will easily accommodate one or two people plus gear, but its a taller sitting height and vertical walls provide more usable space. The palatial Mesh Box 20 has a generous, full standing height and matches up with our Tarp 20. It will comfortably sleep 4 to 6 people or provide a gathering area for quite a few more. Both Mesh Boxes have full mesh ceilings, allowing for sky viewing when they are used without a Tarp.

Both the Mesh Ridge and the Mesh Boxes are floorless, and on both, the lower part of the walls are silicon-coated fabric, both to protect the mesh from catching or tearing on the ground, and to provide a good “seal” on uneven terrain.

Both types are easily suspended from rings, and pairing them with our Tarps

Sales and shipping only to end customers in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and the Russian Federation.


  • Area: 4 m²
  • Weight: 800 g
  • Size (L x W x H): 280 cm x 145 cm x 135 cm

The Mesh Ridge and Mesh Boxes do not come with any pegs or poles!
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