Basic Nature Wide mouth barrel

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  • rel077004
The airtight and watertight transport containers for all possible and impossible equipment. Food safe, impact resistant and sealable.

The easy-grip lid has 2 holes per handle, thanks to which you can tie the barrel with a sturdy rope. The medium and large barrels can also be used as stools. The 41,5, 54 and 68,5 litre drums have carrying handles. Suitable for canoe and kayak tours, open transport, the roof rack and many other uses. Partly nestable (see diameter and neck opening). Polyethylene. Tip: Spray the thread with a little silicone - this makes the lid easy to use. General technical data: Bin, lid and handle made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Seal EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber). Max. filling temperature 70°C, closable at filling temperatures below 30°C.


  • H 20 cm
  • Ø 19,8 cm
  • Opening 13,6 cm
  • 0,35 kg
Trail LEKI Trail
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