Hilleberg Enan

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 215 x (60-95) x 93 cm
 1,2 kg
1 Person lightweight, trekking tent
Very light, very strong – and remarkably comfortable – three-season solo tent.

Sales and shipping only to end customers in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and the Russian Federation.

We modeled the Enan after our award-winning, best-selling Akto, with the goal of making a three season version that was as light as possible while still having the strength we require from a Hilleberg tent. We knew that we could have made the Enan even lighter, but we also knew that doing so would yield less than “true Hilleberg” durability and function.
We used the Akto’s proven single pole design and its single-ended full pole sleeve system, then reduced weight by using lighter, Kerlon 1000 in the outer tent and a very light inner tent fabric. At the same time, we kept the same 9 mm DAC NSL pole the Akto uses, because the weight savings of a smaller diameter pole is quite negligible, while the loss in strength is significant.
As with our other Yellow Label tents, the Enan’s venting system is built into its construction: a full mesh inner tent door, in combination with outer tent head and foot ends of tough mesh both allows and encourages constant air flow. For very windy and rainy conditions, Kerlon 1000 fabric panels can be rolled down and secured to cover the outer tent’s mesh ends. When not in use, these panels roll up and stuff into integrated pockets.
During development, our testers used the Enan for everything from adventure travel in Southeast Asia, to backpacking trips in Europe and the US. All praised how easy it was to pitch, its roominess and its comfort, and all were quite impressed with its strength – and, of course, with its very pleasing light weight!

“Enan” is a small river in the Jämtland mountains in northern Sweden.

  • Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric and a 9 mm pole make for a very lightweight yet strong tent.
  • 3 season design: ventilation is built into the construction, and the inner tent mesh areas have no backing fabric panels.
  • Single pole construction offers excellent space to weight ratio and is an outstanding choice for mobile journeys.
  • The Enan has plenty of room for one occupant and his or her gear.
  • Linked but separable inner and outer tent for simultaneous pitching.
  • Basic pitching requires six pegs: two in the corners of both the head and foot ends, and one each in the head and foot end guy lines. The simple, single-opening, continuous pole sleeve and tensioner system is quick to pitch and remarkably stable.
  • The single entrance/single vestibule configuration affords easy access as well as storage space.
  • An optional footprint covers the entire area of the outer tent, including the vestibule. It connects directly to the tent, and can be left attached during pitching.
  • The inner tent can be replaced with the Enan Mesh Inner tent.
  • The outer and inner tents can be used separately. Pitching the inner tent alone requires the optional Akto/Enan pitching kit.


  • Capacity (persons): 1
  • Shape: Tunnel
  • Measurement Inner Liner (LxWxH): 215 x (60-95) x 93 cm
  • Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 240 x 170 x 113 cm
  • Sleeping direction: Diagonal
  • Vestibules: 1
  • Entrances: 1

Weight / Pack size

  • Pack size (L x Ø): 43 x 13 cm
  • min: 0,96 kg
  • max: 1,20 kg

Setup Variations

  • Inner Liner can be set up separately: Yes
  • Flysheet can be set up separately: Yes
  • Setup: Flysheet and inner tent together

Outer Shell

  • Material: Kerlon 1000, 20 Denier Ripstop Nylon,  coated on b
  • Water column: 5000 mm
  • Continued tear resistance: 8 N/cm

Inner Liner

  • Material: 70 Denier Nylon, triple-coated Polyurethane, 90 g/m2
  • Water column, floor: 15000 mm
  • Material: 20 Denier Ripstop Nylon, Durable Water Repellent
  • Mosquito net in entrance: Yes
  • Mosquito net covered: No


  • Material: DAC Featherlite NSL/ 9 mm
  • Count: 1


  • Material: V-Pegs UL
  • max: 8

Winter Use

  • Vents snowproof: No
  • Snowflaps: No
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