Hilleberg Nallo 2/ 2 GT Mesh Inner Tent

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  • 013433M
Warm weather shelter from insects that can be used alone, with a Tarp, or integrated into its complement model.

Our Mesh Inner Tents are a simple, highly versatile option for use in dry, warm conditions. Used alone, their full mesh walls provide not only maximum airiness and protection from flying and crawling insects, but also 360° views.
The Mesh Inner Tents can also be used with the outer tents of their complement models (Akto; Allak 2 & 3; Anjan & Anjan GT 2 & 3; Enan; Helags 2 & 3; Kaitum 2 & 3; Nallo & Nallo GT 2, 3, & 4; Nammatj & Nammatj GT 2 &3; Niak; Rogen; Soulo; Soulo BL; Staika; and Unna): simply disconnect the standard inner tent and button in the appropriate Mesh Inner Tent.
When used in combination with a Tarp, the Mesh Inner Tents retain all of their venting and viewing advantages while the Tarp provides protection from rain or shade from the sun.

Sales and shipping only to end customers in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and the Russian Federation.


  • Area: 2,6 m²
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Weight: 770 g

Does not include any poles or pegs.
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