Basic Nature Disco-Click, helps after bites

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  • rel210080
For the alleviation of itching and discomfort through swelling following an insect bite (mosquitoes or horse flies) or contact with jelly fish.

Piezo electrically operated, the `Click´ needs no batteries or other energy sources and is always ready for use - functioning up to 20,000 times (ECO 25,000). The equipment must be placed on the bite as soon as possible and the button pressed. After approx. 4 - 5 impulses the itch should disappear. Approx. 8 - 20 impulses can prevent swelling developing. The Disco-Click is suitable for any pocket being small and flat. Children ( from 4 years) and sensitive people should receive a half dosage. NOT TO BE APPLIED when Pacemakers are worn, after the application of creams or lotions or in sensitive areas of the body (eyes or mucous membrane etc.). Not to be used near flammables. Fits in every pocket and always ready for action.


  • medical device class CE 0051
  • Ø 4 x 1,4 cm, weight 6 g
  • Charging voltage 13kV, charging rate 0,7mA