Hilleberg Keron 4 GT

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 220 x 210 x 110 cm
 5,5 kg
Two vestibule all-season tents that offer great strength, maximum space and comfort, and are perfect for any outing in any condition.

When we first introduced the Keron, it quickly became – and remains today – the standard tent for polar expeditions because of its superb durability, excellent stability in high winds, roomy interior, and simplicity. These same traits have made Keron and Keron GT models ongoing favorites of anyone wanting a tent that is exceptionally sturdy yet relatively light in weight, that will work for any situation, and that will handle many years of use. This includes both “professionals” – mountain guides, forest rangers, search and rescue teams, military special operations units, and the like – as well as families, hikers and other “regular” users.
Both Keron and Keron GT models are admirable choices for any backcountry adventure, from demanding, extended winter expeditions, to long or short rambles in mountains and/or forests, to casual coastal jaunts, to relaxed overnight camping outings in your local recreation area.
The extended vestibule, GT versions are especially good choices for dog mushers and cycle tourers because the extra large vestibule allows plenty of storage space for sled or bike equipment. In fact, you can park two bicycles in the Keron 4 GT’s vestibule!

“Keron” means “grouse” in Sami, the language of the people indigenous to northern Scandinavia.

Sales and shipping only to end customers in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and the Russian Federation.

  • Kerlon 1800 outer tent fabric and 10 mm poles make for an exceptionally strong and stable tent.
  • All-season construction: outer tent walls extend to the ground and mesh areas are backed with adjustable fabric panels.
  • Tunnel construction offers maximum space to weight ratio and is the ideal choice for mobile journeys.
  • Both Keron and Keron GT have plenty of room for the stated number of occupants and their gear.
  • Linked but separable inner and outer tent for simultaneous pitching.
  • Tunnel design requires only four pegs for pitching, and the simple, single-opening, continuous sleeve and pole tensioner pole system is quick to pitch and remarkably stable.
  • Dual entrances and vestibules ensure that one door can always be situated out of the wind and provide flexible entry/exit and storage options.
  • One standard and one extended vestibule in the Keron GT afford even more gear storage and comfort.
  • An optional footprint covers the entire area of the outer tent, including the vestibules. It connects directly to the tent, and can be left attached during pitching.
  • The outer and inner tents can be used separately. Pitching the inner tent alone requires 6 optional pole holders.
  • Guy lines on the vestibule vent hoods and looped guy lines affixed to twin attachments on each side of each pole increase stability in poor conditions.
  • Large flaps protect zippers from the rain.
  • Adjustable vents on the ends are backed with adjustable no-see-um mesh and air-permeable snow-proof panels, both of which are accessible from inside or outside the tent.
  • High bathtub floor keeps out ground water.
  • 4 Integrated stowage pockets.
  • Full no-see-um mesh on inner tent doors is covered by a zipper adjustable, fabric panel for all-season comfort.
  • Extended vestibule on the GT version allows for greater storage space and flexibility.
  • GT vestibule door opens from bottom, sides or top and is backed with a removable mesh door.


  • Capacity (persons): 4
  • Shape: Tunnel
  • Measurement Inner Liner: 220 x 315 x 110 cm
  • Vestibule: 2
  • Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 508 x 236 x 118 cm
  • Entrances: 2
  • Vents: 2

Weight / Pack size

  • Pack size (L x Ø): 53 x 23 cm
  • max: 5,50 kg
  • min: 4,6 kg

Setup Variations

  • Setup: Inner tent/flysheet together
  • Inner Liner can be set up separately: Yes
  • Fly can be set up separately: Yes

Outer Shell

  • Material: Kerlon 1800, 40 D High Tenacity Ripstop Nylon 66,
  • Water column: 5500 mm
  • Continued Tear Strength: 18 kg

Inner Liner

  • Material: 40 Denier Ripstop Nylon, Durable Water Repellent (
  • Material: 100 Denier Nylon, triple-coated Polyurethane
  • Water column, floor: 20000 mm
  • Mosquito Net in Entrance: Yes
  • Mosquito Net coverable: Yes


  • Material: DAC Featherlite NSL/ 10mm
  • Number: 4


  • max: 22
  • Material: Y-Pegs

Winter Use

  • Snowflaps: No
  • Vents snowproof: Yes
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